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Wood Storage Humdification

Inconsistencies in humidity and temperature levels affect wood storage. The production cycles Wide "swings" in these levels cause warping and cracking of the unprocessed wood and subsequently the production is done through computerized machinery. Whereby, the automated paint application is more difficult in lowering humidity.

Hydromist humidification systems have the solution. Using computerized sensors and controls, a level and constant humidity can be maintained in the factory or store area. Typical humidity levels of 35% in the paint room and 80% in the storage area are maintained ± 1% at all times. 

Hydromist's fog nozzles are installed on flexible lines through the factory to provide fine fog and humidity control. A fan system ensures proper air movement and air exchange. 
User-friendly computerized measurement and monitoring systems ensure that the correct humidity levels are maintained. Fully programmable, they provide feedback and control to a central control system. Dust suppression can be introduced in the sawing and shaping areas. Odor control liquids can also be incorporated for painting areas to suppress the malodors.